In the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, a scalable, secure, modular, and open-standards platform to rapidly build cloud-based business applications, SAP HANA can be used as a database to store data or your SAP HANA Cloud application. SAP HANA Cloud Platform is available as a public cloud service provided by SAP on SAP infrastructure.

The SAP HANA Cloud App Services deliver application platform services for Java today and for other languages in the near future. With SAP HANA Cloud App services, customers and partners can rapidly create powerful Java-based applications with the assurance of secure deployment and management delivered by SAP.

At its core, SAP HANA Cloud Platform has a modern, standards-based Java development, runtime, and monitoring environment including persistency and connectivity services for SAP and non-SAP systems.

SAP is aggressively building out additional platform services, such as the portal functionality (available for production use) for easy website management and integration for complex scenarios (availability to be determined).

Key facts about SAP HANA Cloud Platform include the following:

  • SAP HANA Cloud is an integral part of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. It is the first generally available component combining a subset of services from the major component blocks to deliver application platform services for Java today and for other languages in the near future. Both, ISVs and enterprises, can build, run, and deploy applications in the cloud based on these services.
  • SAP HANA Cloud comprises a complete cloud application PaaS, including development and deployment (foundational components) as well as additional platform services (portal, integration, mobile, identity, and others).
  • SAP HANA Cloud supports the use of SAP HANA database-as-a-service in the cloud.
  • SAP HANA Cloud is an open, standards-based application PaaS enabling the use of third-party frameworks and programming models including JPA 2.x. It offers a set of services including runtime, monitoring, persistency, and connectivity to SAP and non-SAP systems.
  • SAP HANA Cloud is generally available for production use today.
  • SAP is providing free developer licenses for single developers and a partner program for partners who want to build, run, and sell packaged applications running on SAP HANA Cloud

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