SAP Dealer Management Solution

SAP Dealer Management Solution

What is DealerConnect

ERP Systems don’t provide visibility of stock movements, demands and fulfilment in distribution channel once goods are sold from company stocking points. Also the sales forces get very limited access to data and transactions happening in back end ERP systems.  Managing sales and distribution through channel partners who may not be dedicated to company and collaborating with them in generating and using meaningful data is key to sales growth.

We have visualized the problem and developed a solution called DealerConnect which uses SAP Cloud Platform and integration techniques like SAP Cloud Integration Services and Cloud Connect to communicate with ERP systems like SAP S/4HANA, SAP ECC6.0 or even non SAP Systems.

Benefits to the business

DealerPro gives you the cutting edge you need to succeed in organizing and controlling supply chain within your business. We enable you to manage thousands of vendors and not lose sight of a single product

Higher Collaboration
The participants contribute data which helps in providing better planning and execution capabilities.
Matched Demand and Supply
Better visibility of demand at channel partners and inventory a different point in chains helps in optimizing the demand and supply.
Manage Performances
System provides data on primary, secondary and tertiary sales which can be compared with targets and performance can be measured.
Satisfied Partners
Partner get timely attention to the issues and system provides transparency in the actions. This helps in improving gaining trust of partners.

Why DealerConnect

The ordering of goods by partners, booking those in system, tracking them till supply and beyond is big issue with most of the distribution companies.  Ensuring the supply goods to the points where is demand through large network of channel partner who may be dedicated or shared with competition become a complex business problem.

We have designed DealerConnect handle these issues and support in collaborative efforts towards an efficient distribution mechanism.

Order Management

Partners will be able to orders goods from each other and can track status of orders, get reports on sales and stock. All the business rules with respect to credit, stock etc. are properly managed. System integrates with multiple systems including SAP ERP.

Manage Channel Sales

Partners will be able to receive goods, management stock, track through Bar Code/QR Code etc. They can further record secondary and tertiary sales as per their role and need of the business.

Enable Partners & Field Forces

Partners and Sales Forces have online and always available information about sales, targets, collections, limits, issues, resolutions, inventories, grievances etc. This becomes powerful to keep high relationships with partners.

Manage Performance

System enables to capture targets, forecast at very granular level and measure the actual performance. Suitable schemes can be designed to awards the performers in timely manner with great degree of accuracy.

Enabling Distribution

The channel partners are extended arm of the organisation and sales forces work day in and out to development strong relationships, solve their issues and enable business growth. They all need to contribute and take data for making right and timely decisions. Sometimes dependency on back end systems and delays associated leads to business losses.

SAP DealerConnect handles this in very effective ways and makes it true collaboration platform.

Manage Relationship

It provides a platform to appoint partners, get all the legal/financial documents, keep updated profiles etc.

Transparent Financials

Accurate statement of accounts, copy of invoices, delivery notes, packing list, debit/credit notes all available for download as per need.  A mechanism to address partner grievances and SAL based handling are other powerful tools.

Shared Master Data

The master data used in application will be read directly from ERP system through APis or copied and edited as per need. The system also takes care of different coding schemes used by partners.

Decision Support

A powerful reporting and analytical capability make system quite useful and one can quickly find what needs to be improved and where focus should be.

What it means for the business

Improved Business
DealerConnect has helped organisation in improving sales up to 18%.
Satisfied Customers
Environment of trust and collaborative among the channel partners leading to 98% satisfied customers.
Sales Productivity
Highly enabled sales team, supply matching with demands, right measurements lead to higher sales.
Innovation Platform
The solution provides a platform to design and implement innovative ways of boosting sales and morale sales forces.

Case Studies

Distribution Management Solution for Kriti Industries

Distribution Management Solution for Kriti Industries Ltd. Kriti is into multiple businesses including Pipes, Edible Oils and Auto Components. The solution has improved sales by 8% while reducing channel inventory by about 15%.