Tax Solutions

Tax Solutions

Introduced in July 2017, Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been a game-changing tax reform in India. GST has laid the foundation for a more efficient tax system, has rationalized the tax structure and simplified the compliance procedures by replacing multiple central taxes and duties, as well as local state taxes.

A key component of GST is the automation of compliance procedures to reduce errors and increase efficiency. GST requires greater integration of tax domain knowledge and technology, as compliance has become paperless and data-intensive, with sector-specific nuances.

As a leader in tax technology services, 2iSolutions has successfully developed and implemented tax compliance solutions across various countries. To assist companies in India, we have customized this proven global compliance solution with state-of-the-art technology for India’s GST. We have also implemented this solution in Indian Companies for GST compliance.

TAX Solutions

We provide wide range of solutions to secure cloud platform that is intelligent, robust and scalable to meet the GST compliance needs of all.

GSTN Solution
Data mapping from various formats as may be used by the Company with no file format restrain
E-Invoice Solution
We help organisation in evaluation of current state and health of business systems, challenges and improvement areas and KPIs.
E-Way Bill Solution
We provides business solution for compliance requirements for the generation of E-Way Bill with Best Practices on Custom-Enhancements

Why We Created this Solution?

We believe that no enterprise should do a manual task that can be automated. Therefore, we have created and developed multiple offerings, namely GST API’s, web application and managed services, to tackle this. We have made sure that these solutions are developed to make your GST compliance hassle-free.

  1. APIs are for enterprises building their own solution or purchasing 3rd party solution. These GST APIs can help companies directly connect with GST servers.
  2. Our Managed service solution is for companies looking to outsource complete GST compliance– we will take care of every bit of GST compliance– making sure that compliance is truly hassle-free.
  3. Our GST Software, autoTax, is built for enterprises looking for a solution that integrates with any mainstream ERP or works on the web as well as mobile as a standalone application allowing for maximum productivity per employee

GST Solutions

The GST solution is built within SAP and ensures ease of integration. Having all relevant information within SAP, it helps in providing trustable and timely reports which help in early identification of issues and reduces manual efforts significantly.

Key Features

  • Data import from ERPs and Accounting software
  • Tracking and management of Input Tax Credit
  • Accurate filing of GSTR with ease
  • Alerts on Tax Credit, Refunds and mismatch of ITC
  • OTP management

E-Invoice Solution

The E-Invoice solution integrates your SAP ERP with Invoice Registration Portal. The solution is built within SAP and ensures ease of usage and integration. Smart automation reduces manual efforts and possible errors for the generation of e-invoice and thus ensures ease of GST reconciliations at a later stage.

Key Features

  • Real-time auto generation of E-invoice
  • Adoption of SAP transactions for IRN, QR code
  • Cockpit to manage e-invoice, cancellation, reprocess
  • Real Time reports and dashboards
  • Event based alerts

E-Way Bill Solution

and easy to use e-way bill management. Customers can generate, modify  e-way bills easily without any impact on the business processes.

Key Features

  • Realtime auto generation of E-Waybill
  • GST compliant billing
  • Quick and counter billing with barcode integration
  • Batch and serial number-wise stock management
  • Loyalty management with SMS integration
  • Salesperson/ Route/ Van wise billing and reports

Why Choose 2iSolutions

Our Solutions for SAP Tax Compliance is an integrated and robust solution that allows companies to deploy SAP Tax Compliance software in an easily manageable and time-saving way.

Automate processes
Eliminate manual workflows for reviewing transaction data so you can rapidly implement corrections and seamlessly adapt tax requirements.
Optimize tax rules
Minimize false alerts and make it easy for tax managers to investigate and rectify potential compliance issues by implementing robust tax rules.
Ensure seamless integration
Connect with other business solutions, such as ERP, billing, or payment processing software, to screen all transactions that are subject to tax.


With the complexities of GST likely to persist, it is critical that you explore the use of technology to ensure timely and effective compliance and find a partner who is capable of supporting you on this journey. Our GST Compliance Solution has enabled customers in diversified businesses with a large number of registrations and transactions comply with GST efficiently.

2iSolutions Tax Service provides a simple yet powerful tax calculation solution, delivered in the cloud, that can be used as a platform to drive growth for companies of all sizes.

  1. Reduced time and effort to perform sales and use tax calculations
  2. Reduced audit risk with reliable accurate calculations and compliance data
  3. Fast user adoption with anytime, anywhere accessibility
  4. Scalability to meet growing business needs
  5. Business growth supported by tax content for global jurisdictions
  6. Fast implementation and return on investment
  7. Low total cost of ownership