Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

Our Expertise

The deeper we go into the Digitization Process the greater demand for highly capable tools and technologies which can help organisation in adopting the journey faster and in cost effective ways. We have picked SAP S/4HANA as the Digital Core and created numerous solutions, services which can help Consumer Goods Industry to create value in their products and services.

We are using SAP Platform for building extensions and innovation as per business needs and ecosystem requirements. We help organisation in achieving the digital transformation journey in smooth manner. The core solution of SAP S/4HANA like Materials Management, Warehouse Management, Sales & Distribution, Plant Maintenance, Quality Management, Customer Services, Finance & Controlling, Human Capital Management and many more form the core backbone. We have used SAP Cloud Platform as innovation platform to extend these solutions and collaborate with Customers, Suppliers, Service Partners etc.

What We Offer

We have served numerous customers in this industry and understand your pain areas. The core solutions of SAP S/4HANA for the backbone and different modules are implemented with due consideration to the products, processes and how we deal with partners.  The back bone covers the basic process mapping which includes handling of Batches, Multiple Packaging, Channel Wise Pricing, Powerful Discount commission handling, Batch Wise Prices, Sales Force performance management etc. Some of our innovation built on SAP Cloud Platform add great value to business needs of customers.

Benefits to Business

The above solutions have got immense potential to fully transform your organisation and make it ready to have an edge in serving customers, reducing costs, improving predictability and measurement of key performance indicators.

  • Efficiency across geographically distributed plants & supply networks
  • Increase in operational efficiency, lesser scraps/damages hence reduce Material Costs
  • Increased capability to evaluate suppliers and manage sourcing and procurement
  • Improved financial reporting, accuracy and timeliness.
  • Single Version of truth and hence efficient decision making.
  • Planning Capabilities and accuracy in what to produce/buy, when and where.
  • Improved Order Promising, delivery, tracking, accuracy etc.
  • Improved quality management and accountability.
  • Improved compliance, self-life management and batch trace ability.
  • Increase customer satisfaction, reduced business risks,


Reduction in manufacturing costs has been observed by CPG Industry.


Increase in sales could be observed by increased supply chain planning capabilities.

Case Studies

SAP AMS Services to L T Foods

“L T Foods is one of the leading manufacturers of Agri Based products like Rice, Pulses etc. We have been providing them application management and enhancement services. We have been able to reduce the development cycle time for improvements and changes by about 20%."