Application Management Services

Application Management Services

The Digital Transformation of enterprises is a journey of improvements & innovations. Organizations keep working on improving processes, building controls and generating high quality decision support system enabled by IT Applications such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP Cloud Platform. The skill requirements for managing and enhancing such application is very high and keeping them all in-house and updated is a quite daunting task. Another challenge for IT Manager is to manage demands and requirements, keep pace with business needs etc. Our AMS Services has made this journey easier and effective. We go beyond technical and support in change management and provide advisory service on what needs to be done and how.

We have a very well established ITIL based application management service contact us to know more about it.

How Does it help

We work like an extended arm of IT Functions of companies and manage applications like well-oiled machinery.

Reduction Operating Costs
Clients have witnessed up to 40% reduction in operating costs with improved response and resolutions times.
Highest Satisfaction
More than 95% Customer Satisfaction with high quality of solutions provided within agreed schedule/cost and high system availability.
High Quality of Solutions
We use best practices and industry experience to provide high quality solutions thereby leading to stable and reliable systems.
Collective Decision Making
Change Management is big issue in organisations but we make them simple by proper analysis, presentations and collective decision making on conflicting needs.

Why Choose 2iSolutions

2iSolutions’s expertise in the SAP Domain coupled with deep relationship with SAP helps us manage applications in a non-disruptive manner while continuing on innovation journey smoothly.

Focus on best practices
We focus on using best practices to provide business solutions and help organisation in adopting the same.
Experienced Team
We are industry veterans with experience on multiple industries and business practices.
High ROI Solutions
We focus on creating solutions which have high impact to business and save non-productive costs of the organisations.
ITIL Based AMS Practices
Our AMS Services structure using ITIL Practices and tools has been found quite effective, responsive and innovative by industry.

AMS Methodology

Our AMS Methodology ensures that you can focus on business while processes will take care of operations and innovations.

  • Assessment to understand your needs and challenges.
  • Identification Gaps, Issues and Wishes
  • Identification of module/functional coverage
  • Identification of Project Management, Risk Management, Metrics, KPIs etc.
Onboarding to AMS
  • Establish an engagement model and project organisation
  • Establish ITIL based business process to manage incidents, services request and change request etc.
  • Establish metrics and measurements
  • Study of existing documentations
  • Knowledge Transfer from incumbent team
  • Reverse knowledge transfers
  • Update system landscape documents
Steady State
  • Provide AMS Services which is meeting the SLAs for response/resolutions more than 98% of time.
  • High System availability
  • Well managed Demands and stake holder satisfaction.
  • High level of Application governance
  • Continuous process improvements.
  • High ROI developments/enhancements,
  • Using system to enhance quality of decision and business controls.

What it means for the business

Stable Systems
Our AMS Services leads to non-disruptive changes and predictable deliveries
Cost Effectiveness
Usage of knowledge managements, change management and ITIL based practices leads reduced operating costs.
High Governance
Our AMS Service have in build mechanism to ensure policies towards application changes and authorizations are fully adhered to.
Innovation Platform
Our AMS practices ensure that system innovations are encouraged and handled effectively.

Case Studies

SAP AMS Services for Lava

“Lava International is one of the leading manufacturers of Mobiles Phone and Accessories in India. We manage their business applications and which helped them by reducing operating costs by 30%."