SAP Service Management Portal

SAP Service Management Portal

What is ServiceConnect

Serving customers is complex work particularly in case of consumer goods industries. One needs to have deep breads and spear of services to be able to serve customers in cost effective and timely manner.  There are multiple ways services are organised based on type of business and customers served.

In case of large & complex product/projects services are mostly handled by company itself but most of the time companies use channel partners to provide services. Services can be provided onsite, device can be collected/repaired or customer can be made to walk to nearest service centers and avail services.  There is another dimension to service as customer would fist like to connect Call Centers and get needful advice. Customers also need to track status of services online and get needful messages and alerts etc. 

In case of services provided by service franchises the parts are purchased by partners and used in repairs. Partners charge from consumers in case of device is out of warranty and from company in case of being under warranty. Warranty handling, returns and replacement policies make the service a complex matter and organisations need a powerful system to provide customer seamless experience. 

We have developed a solution called ServiceConnect which can handle above needs quite well and has deep integration with SAP ERPs like SAP ECC6.0 and SAP S/4HANA. Handling or inventory movements at partners, usage of parts and measuring level of services provided by partners is something what ERP are not able to handle and ServiceConnect does beautifully.

Benefits to the business

The ServiceConnect is organised to serve purpose of different role and partners in providing customer services. These partners/roles could be Spare Parts Warehouse, Purchaser, Call Center, L3/L4 Workshops, Service Partners, Service Engineers, Field Engineers.

Higher Collaboration
The participants contribute data which helps in providing better planning and execution capabilities.
Performance Measurement
Manage will be able to measure performance of service centers, engineers and level of services to customers.
Reduced Service Cost
Cost of services gets optimized due better warranty, returns, replacements, control of fake calls.
Improved Customer Services
Better visibility into call status, parts need vs availability and workload leads to improved turnaround time and customer satisfaction.

Why ServiceConnect

Services are delivered in multiple business model including part or full outsourcing.  The complexity is so much that certain parts are only replaced by company centers, device and part used warranty policies defer. In case of franchise operations stock of purchased parts need to be managed which is not handled by ERPs. While services are provided by different people but one needs complete visibility and measurements across the service delivery organisation.

We have designed ServiceConnect handle these issues and support in collaborative efforts towards an efficient service delivery mechanism.

Call Management

Partner will be able to orders goods from each other and can track status of orders, get reports on sales and stock. All the business rules with respect to credit, stock etc. are properly managed. System integrates with multiple systems including SAP ERP.

Work Order Management

Partners will be able to receive goods, management stock, track through Bar Code/QR Code etc. They can further record secondary and tertiary sales as per their role and need of the business.

Return and Replacements

Partners and Sales Forces have online and always available information about sales, targets, collections, limits, issues, resolutions, inventories, grievances etc. This becomes powerful to keep high relationships with partners.

Partner Claims Handling

Partners and Sales Forces have online and always available information about sales, targets, collections, limits, issues, resolutions, inventories, grievances etc. This becomes powerful to keep high relationships with partners.

Enabling Service Delivery

Handling service has numerous variations and is quite complex set of logistics and relationship management.  Services delivery can involve customer walking to a service center which may be owned or may belong to a partner.  On the other side the service engineer need to visit customer place to delivery services. Parts may be supplied by company or may locally purchase.

Few certain can provide only certain kind of services in some case devices have to be moved from one center to other for advanced repairs. Various warranty, returns and replacement mechanism make the matter quite complex. SeerviceConnect simplifies it all and delivers true collaboration platform wherein all can participate and deliver an Omi Channel experience to customers.

Manage Relationship

It provides a platform to appoint partners, get all the legal/financial documents, keep updated profiles etc. Provide status of transactions and issues.

Transparent Financials

Accurate statement of accounts, copy of invoices, delivery notes, packing list, debit/credit notes all available for download as per need. A mechanism to address partner grievances and SAL based handling are other powerful tools.

Parts and Logistics

Mechanism to understand the parts in demands, shortage by parts/locations, capability to supply parts and advice alternate actions. The visibility to parts delivery logistics hence expected service completions. Handling of reverse logistics, returns and tracking.

Decision Support

A powerful reporting and analytical capability make system quite useful and one can quickly find what needs to be improved and where focus should be.

Case Studies

Service Management Solution for Brightstar

“Brightstar is one of the leading global distribution company having presence in more than 60 countries. A Service Management System was developed using our ServiceConnect and integrated with SAP ECC6.0 in back end.."