What is ShopConnect

The ERP Systems help organisation in tracking productions and consumption periodic basis say Day/Shift wise. What happens during the days and each piece of goods produced or in process is mostly managed through manual systems. Most of the time data generated in machines is not utilized and analyzed.  Multiple packaging, label printing solutions exists which don't connect with ERP systems thereby packing mismatches etc. ShopConnect is positioned to handle these needs and exchange the data with ERP system at suitable touch points.

Key Capabilities

ShopConnect offer numerous features and capabilities which help shop floor working and bring visibility to back office.

Track Products
ShopConnect helps in tracking different numbers and batches being given to each piece of product and linking to inputs used.
Provide Packing Labes
SAP Users may be altered in the digital signature process but the documents workflow and routing does remain unchanged in SAP.
Reach Machine Data
SAP Users are provided with a user-friendly interface and using the solution is very intuitive and straightforward.
Bar Code/QR Codes
Secure and user-friendly solution with authenticated signature from central PFX file or a laptop USB dongle key.

Why ShopConnect

ShopConnect provides visibility into the shop floor activities, challenges, improves data accuracy and automates label printing and packaging activities.

Shop Floor Visibility

ShopConnect enables visibility of shop floor activities, challenges and outputs in real time.

Improved Productivity

The shop productivity is improved dramatically due clarity of pending jobs, work ways, processes, tools and components.

Integrated Machines

Needful machines data is read into system to automate processes and improve accuracy of captured data.

Packing Labels

Different kind of packing labels can be printed including generation of Bar Codes, QR Codes etc. This helps in proper movement of goods from one operation to other.

Case Studies

ShopConnect Implementation at Celkon

“Celkon is one of the leading manufacturers of Mobiles Phone and Accessories in India. We deployed our ShopConnect solution for handling the production operation with suitable integration with SAP. “