Solution Overview

Enterprises keep innovating process and products to bring more value to customers. One of the key inputs to these services and products is strong relationship with suppliers and subcontractors. ERP Solutions at the most support exchange of information but no directly visibility and actions by suppliers themselves. Lot of time and efforts is lost and request, responses and tracking etc. Lot of time misses and lapses lead to dissatisfaction and mistrust. All these situations have negative impacts on sourcing and procurement cost.

SupplierConnect help in handling this subject in very effective ways by enabling effective collaboration with goods and services suppliers. The system created using SAP Cloud Platform had tight integration with SAP ERP Solutions in back-end.  System provides facilities to show purchase orders, get acceptance of suppliers, enable sharing of supply info, sub contract needs, quality inspection results, returns, stock and even account information. It provides facility to handle complaints and message etc.

How Does it help

SupplierConnect is powerful tool for collaborating with suppliers of goods and services.  The helps in developing a system of measurement and tracking supplier deliveries, concerns etc.

Reduction Operating Costs
The administrative cost of planning, delayed deliveries, transactions and query handling can be potentially reduced by 20-30%.
Supplier Relationships
Most of the suppliers find the system helping in handling requirements, issue resolutions visibility of transactions etc. This helps in developing strong relationships and trust of partners.
Speed and Accuracy
SupplierConnect enables speed of data capture at the source, ensures accuracy and makes it available to all the partners, users instantly as per need of role.
Improved Monitoring
The intelligent integrations enables visibility of progress made of suppliers well in advance. The reject/return status is also known to suppliers online.

Why Choose 2iSolutions

2iSolutions’s expertise in the SAP Domain coupled with deep relationship with SAP helps us managing applications in non-disruptive manner while continuing on innovation journey smoothly.

Focus on best practices
We focus on using best practices to provide business solutions and help organisation in adopting the same.
Experienced Team
We are industry veterans with experience on multiple industries and business practices.
High ROI Solutions
We focus on creating solutions which have high impact to business and save non-productive costs of the organisations.
Innovative Use cases
We understand what needs to be provided to suppliers and what data they can contribute which improves operational efficiency.

Solution Features

The SupplierConnect provides many features which over the business needs of collaborations with product and service providers. The solution is being appreciated lot by purchasers, finance team and suppliers all.

Manage Demands
  • View of Purchase Orders
  • View of Purchase Contracts
  • Interaction and Acceptance on Orders
  • Order Status and performance
  • Order Bill of Material Used
  • Materials Supplied to Subcontractors
Deliveries & Invoicing
  • Upload Advanced Shipping Notes
  • Upload Bill of Material Used in production
  • View of goods received
  • View of inspections, rejects and returns
  • Receipts by subcontractors
  • Upload of invoice
Operations Visibility
  • Progress Update by Vendors
  • Expected Delivery Update by Vendors
  • Operation Progress at Subcontractors
  • Material Stock at Subcontractors
  • Material Stock at Company
  • View of Evaluation and Rating
Accounts Visibility
  • View of suppliers ledgers
  • View of debit/credit notes
  • View of cleared invoiced
  • View pending invoices
  • NOC Data Capture form Vendors
  • Vendor Detail Update
  • Approved Price List
Support Desk
  • Download of Contract Terms
  • Download Forms and Formats
  • Publish News/Updates
  • Vendor Issues/Concern tracking
  • Escalation of Issues

What it means for the business

Happy Vendors
Suppliers benefit with collaboration, data sharing, visibility and transparency which makes them happy.
Cost Effectiveness
Efficient supply chain created in the process provides everyone an opportunity to reduce costs.
High Governance
Transparency, visibility, tracking, issue handling etc. leads to high governance and accuracy in analytics.
Innovation Platform
The SupplierConnect gives platform to innovate process and improve lead time/cost etc.

Case Studies

Vendor Portal for Lava Mobiles

“Lava International is one of the leading manufacturers of Mobiles Phone and Accessories in India. We provided SupplierConnect solution which helped them reducing procurement costs by 12%."